Thursday, June 8, 2017 – 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

Would you like to know how to create a sweepstakes among the users who comment on a post on your Instagram profile?

One of the most widely used form of giveaways are those on Instagram. It turns out what is so easy for participants to enter is a nightmare for brands to administer. This is because, until now there has been no automated way to do the following:

There are 4 actions that you can require the Instagram users to take to enter the sweepstakes:

  • Comment on the post. It’s a mandatory action given that the app imports the comments and considers as participants the ones that have commented. You can ask the users to comment as they wish or to answer a question.
    • Mention friends. It’s a complementary action that you can ask or require participants in your sweepstakes to take.
  • Be a follower of the organizing brand(s). Ask the users to be a follower of the organizing brand or brands as a requirement to enter the sweepstakes.
  • Use the sweepstakes’ hashtag. If in addition you ask that the comment should include a specific hashtag


During this training you will discover (1) how to create a high powered giveaway  (2) how to grow your followers, visibility and leads. (3)  how one easy tool can help you track the above 4 actions and automatically select your winners with full transparency via a certificate of validation (4) best practices when setting up your Instagram contests

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About Brian:

Easypromos is a proven platform, run by a team of innovators, creative thinkers and talented programmers. The platform is used all over the world featuring many unique capabilities and long client list.  I have the privilege to show off the tools capabilities to business owners and agencies and join in on the fun and successes of our customers.

Brian McNeil-Smith – Profit with Facebook Promotions

Learn the easy way to boost your visibility and results with facebook promotions.

Easypromos is an application which allows you to create promotions and contests on any Facebook page whilst adhering strictly to Facebook’s promotions guidelines.

Brian McNeil-Smith invites you to discover:

  • What Facebook Promotions are and to familiarize yourself with Facebook rules you need to pay attention to.
  • Why your business should engage in facebook promotions and what benefits you can expect to experience.
  • What others have done and gain insights from their efforts.
  • Which strategies work, and are there specific strategies for your industry that area  better fit than others.
  • How you can create your own facebook promotions in a few easy steps.
  • Ask questions to build your understanding and readiness to move forward.

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