Jackie Lapin – 15 Easy Ways to Find Speaking Engagements

Get booked on more stages in 2017!

Yearning to change more lives, sell more books, obtain more clients or just bring your message to moreaudiences? Jackie Lapin, founder of the SpeakerTunity™ Speaker Leads Tip Sheet—offers engaging insights on 15 ways to find opportunities so you can get yourself booked! Learn:
  • How you can find the TEDx events in your area
  • How to tap into the women’s marketplace locally and nationally
  • The one easy way to find associations that have upcoming conferences
  • To tap human relations and job training/networking groups
  • How to infiltrate the spiritual/self-help/personal growth community
  • The newest area of opportunity for food-based speaker/authors
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More about Jackie: Jackie Lapin is a leader in helping transformational leaders, authors, practitioners, speakers and messengers connect with their next followers around the globe. For the past 10 years, her internationally acclaimed Conscious Companies have been providing PR campaigns, radio media tours and speaking engagements to support the growth and revenue of change-makers. Her clients have included Don Miguel Ruiz, Dr. Joe Vitale, James Twyman, Denise Linn, Arielle Ford, Hay House and more. Her most recent offering is SpeakerTunity™, the twice monthly transformational speaker leads tip sheet, providing speakers with the direct contacts to book themselves on stages across North America. (www.Speakertunity.com)

Debbie Hoffman – Follow-Up And Attract More Clients Fast…Without Feeling Salesy

A Proven Follow-Up System To Achieve Greater Sales Results

Debbie Hoffman works with entrepreneurs who are struggling to get clients because they’re not following up. She helps them create a step-by-step follow-up system for their business and convert more prospects into long-term clients without feeling salesy.  So many entrepreneurs leave a significant amount of money on the table due to poor follow-up skills or an inadequate follow-up system. Debbie Hoffman works with entrepreneurs to create a step-by-step follow-up system that builds confidence, organizes their time more efficiently and prepares them (in advance) for every prospect contact. Her clients also develop a special skill-set to get a lion’s share of referrals.

By Attending Debbie’s Webinar, You’ll Learn:

  • Why a proven follow-up system is critical for getting you more organized and efficient so nothing falls through the cracks …and you develop deeper relationships that lead to increased sales results without feeling salesy.
  • Hot tips for preparing for every follow-up contact, so you’re confident, at ease, and professional in your sales presentations (which builds your credibility)
  • How to overcome the fears (and fabricated stories) that stop you dead in your tracks
  • How to get clients consistently coming to you already excited about what you do

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More about Debbie:

Debbie Hoffman is America’s foremost authority on follow-up and founder of “Power-Up! Your Follow-Up.” She works closely with small business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals who are struggling to get clients because they’re not following up effectively. She helps them create a step-by-step follow-up system for their business and convert more prospects into long-term clients without feeling salesy. Debbie was a successful investment banker with 20-years experience as Managing Director for Wall Street firms. She created prosperous relationships resulting in sales of over $25-billion. She has extensive experience in network marketing, having built a team of several thousand consultants.  

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Amplify Your Influence In 2017

The Social Buzz Club Team – Laura Rubinstein, Deb Coman and Catherine Saykaly-Stevens – bring you all the inside scoop on getting the most out of Social Buzz Club. Whether you’re new to Social Buzz Club or you’re a long time member, we’ll show you how to leverage the power of this influencer network. Gather your friends, too, as this end of year celebration will be filled with updates, gifts and significant strategies to building your thought leadership in 2017 including:
  • How to grow visibility for your books and brands
  • Keys to getting more of your content shared to social media
  • Things that sabotage your buzz from being shared
  • Best practices for building your tribe
  • Meeting other influencers to support your brand
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Terry Wildemann – Stop Your Tinsel From Tangling And Enjoy the Holidays

wildemannStress Reducing Tips for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

During the year, we tend to shift into a high gear “go, go, go, do, do, do, have to, have to, have to” mode of operating. Add the stress of the holidays and it can take us to the brink of burnout. Something as simple as untangling tinsel can drive overwhelmed entrepreneurs and leaders over the edge to the brink of burnout! What if you become the tuned in, tapped in, turned on entrepreneur that stays sane, gets it all done and enjoys this holiday season? Join the webinar and find out how! Organizing the holiday marketing, sales, social media campaigns, product creation, product delivery and more can create a “go, go, go” and “I can do it all” attitude that wears you out as well as those around you! Then there’s the personal side of the holidays; the decorating, gift buying, wrapping, food shopping, traveling and attending what feels like endless functions. There is hope and a way for you to enjoy your work, personal life, and the holidays for yourself, your kids, family, friends and career.  In this presentation you will learn what is at the root of stress, how to shift in the moment and take your life back by learning practical, logical and energy focused methods that make a difference.

Learn about;

• The Work/life balance myth • What actually creates YOUR stress • What to change and let go of this holiday season • How to control the “I need to do it all” syndrome • How your inner dialogue directly affects your outcomes in all areas of your life. • How a simple 60 second technique can create stress relief magic

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More about Terry:

An experienced business woman, speaker, coach and author, Terry Wildemann became certified in various holistic modalities after experiencing multiple burnouts and health crisis. Because of her experience, she now dedicates herself to guiding leaders and entrepreneurs to spring back from the brink of burnout and lead competently, with confidence, credibly and coherently. The outcome are leaders who evolve into stress resilient and highly intuitive puzzle-solving ninjas by integrating the practical, tactical, logical, physical, energetic, spiritual and emotional sides of themselves. Terry’s careers include owning the Winds of Change Holistic Education and Leadership Center, Image Plus… Associates, and partner and CEO of a small manufacturing company, Anaco, Inc. As a volunteer, Terry presented to over 11,000 transitioning military personnel over a 20 year period. Members of all branches of the military, chambers of commerce, universities, financial institutions, healthcare institutions, railroad companies, nonprofits and small businesses have participated in Terry’s programs.

Frank Aziz – Generate Qualified Leads Using Linkedin

frankazizLearn how to generate 100s of leads a week using Linkedin marketing.

Have you tried social media for generating leads but had no success? Are you tired of using every method in the book to grow your business but not getting results? Here are the 5 things you’ll learn on this free webinar: 1) How best to optimize your profile. 2) How to get people scheduling appointments with you. 3) How to generate leads using an email campaign 4) How to get a massive amount of attention. 5) How to start using groups to get attention.

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More about Frank: Frank Started a company 5 years ago in the credit card processing industry. He started selling websites to supplement his income and, eventually, a strong focus on ROI became the backbone of his company after offering Linkedin services. Linkedin is the best way to create a consistent lead flow that helps you create money and extra time for you and your family. Frank is happy to help people grow their businesses, it is his passion.