Sheevaun Moran – Fire Up Your YouTube Channel

sheevaunHow to Get More Subscribers and Views Fast

Video is here to stay.

Are you maximizing the effectiveness of your YouTube Channel?

This Webinar will give you actual tools and how-to’s so that you get more subscribers and views. 

Sheevaun Moran will share quick, yet simple, tweaks that will help your channel get you more viewers and more subscribers which, in turn, will increase your revenues.

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Rhonda Ryder – How to Make Videos That Grow Your Business Fast

ryder(and Make You Money) Even If You HATE How You Look or Sound on Camera

Video done right helps you get lots of traffic and make you lots of new customers, clients and sales. Plus, you don’t have to look like a model or sound like a star to make successful videos.

Video marketing maven, Rhonda Ryder, shares her sure-fire success secrets to help you be more comfortable with the number one marketing tool on the internet… video!

 Read Rhonda’s post on “how to keep your viewers’ attention” at Social Buzz Club… Click here

All you have to do is “be you’ (be your authentic self). We’ll cover 7 tips on how to get started making your own authentic traffic-generating, sales-making videos.

In this live webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How to get comfortable in front of the camera
  • How to write scripts that convert (opt-ins and sales)
  • How to transform your videos from boring to mesmerizing
  • How to connect with your eyes and your voice
  • How to bring out the real you in a way that engages your viewers

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Joelle Norwood – How To Create 3 “Must Have” Videos On YouTube

joellenorwoodEasy and Simple Video Recipes Virtual Handshake, WWD: What WE Do, Happy Customers

This workshop will teach you how to produce 3 must have videos on YouTube to market your business.

The class is designed for entrepreneurs marketing their business online using the power of video and YouTube. Veteran TV Producer, Joelle Norwood, shares her experience in creating videos for her clients including: CBS, Entertainment Tonight, Dr Phil, Zappos, and Consumer Reports TV.

Learn how to produce 3 “must have” videos for your website that will showcase your business as well as engage your current clients and your potential clients.

  • Find out why using video and YouTube can turbo charge your online marketing.
  • Learn Why Video is More Powerful Than Text and Photos.
  • Get Video Scripts to Make Producing Easy.
  • How to Shoot and Edit on YouTube.
  • How to Embed and Share Your Video on Your Blog and Social Media.

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Lou Bortone – Unleash Your Video Creativity

5 Fast & Fun Ways to Create Great Video


This fast-paced and content-rich webinar will reveal several simple and affordable ways to produce compelling video content, even if you’re a total ‘technophobe!’

  • How to tap into your inner creative genius
  • New ways to deliver your message visually
  • How to make your own “sketch” videos and cartoons
  • How to crank out consistent video content
  • New video creation tools and shortcuts

Buy this webinar! Just $17…

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Jill Addison – Secrets to Online Video Success

Video… It’s the next best thing to cloning yourself… so learn to use it to your advantage!

Why is making a personal connection through video so important? Because when people meet you, they love you. Don’t be shy about it, you know it’s true. When people meet you in person… they like you, they trust you and they want to do business with you.

And that’s all it really takes to have the successful business you’ve dreamed of and the life you’ve always wanted– a life where you’re doing what you love, helping other people, and getting the freedom and flexibility you’ve always known this entrepreneurial journey could give you.

Here are some more of the juicy details on what you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • How to Maximize Online Video to Get a Flood of New Clients
  • How to Leverage Your Most Valuable Asset (Your Own Personality!)
  • How to Get the Lifestyle you Want through the Hottest Online Marketing Strategies Available Today
  • 5 Tips on What to Wear in your Videos
  • 3 Keys to Optimize your Video for Search on YouTube and be found by your Ideal Clients (super simple!)
  • Where to find Free editing software you already have access to
  • The #1 Pro Secret to Make your Videos Convert into New Sales

…And much more!

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