Creating a BUZZ Full and Profitable 2015

Strategies To Position Yourself Powerfully Online & Grow Your Tribe

The Social Buzz Club Dean Team and co-founder decided to offer a groundbreaking program to start the year. This is a rare opportunity for a triple play high impact training. Learn from three leading influencers who work with clients every day to increase visibility, build brand advocates and create the buzz that brings in business. Join us for this mastermind where you will discover:
  • Digital positioning strategies to build your brand visibility
  • Tribe building secrets
  • Content strategies to engage your communities like crazy

In this webinar, Elaine Lindsay, Dean of Digital Marketing, offers her training on brand positioning for small business. You will learn the value of your brand and how to effectively showcase it online.

Gina Carr, Dean of Tribe Building, will reveal how to become a person of influence. When you have a focused mission there are simple steps you can take to connect to your tribe and become a highly sought after expert.

Laura Rubinstein, President and co-founder of Social Buzz Club, reveals the secrets to content that gets most buzz. You will receive tools to plan your content and make the process easy and gives you the greatest marketing advantage to attract clients.


Dr. Karen Keller – How the KII® Can Increase Your Social Media Business and Attract Your Ideal Client

karen-kellerDr. Karen Keller pulls back the curtain on how social media strategists can impact and influence their clients, their business, their reputation AND their online presence.

You will learn how the 7 Influence Traits® can establish the success of your online and social reach.

You will:

  • Learn about the 7 Influence Traits® and how to use them
  • Explore which of your seven traits are strong or need work
  • Find out how to apply the 7 Influence Traits® to your online presence
  • Discover why you aren’t getting the ideal client (and how to fix that)
  • See the direct link between the 7 Influence Traits® and social media success

This webinar is for serious social media business owners who want to invest their time, energy and effort in growing a successful social media business by using the influence traits that they naturally posses.

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More about Dr. Keller:

Dr. Karen Keller, creator of the Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®) is a clinical psychologist and Master Certified Coach specializing in human behavior, who has spent her career studying, researching, and developing the Art of Influence. She is CEO/Founder of Karen Keller International, Inc. focusing on influence training; corporate, executive and small business coaching; and inspiring and informative keynote addresses. Dr. Keller does keynote speaking and facilitates workshops on Influence Mastery for startups to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 corporations. Her clients include PepsiCo, American Express, Pizza Hut, Paragon Medical, and Purdue University. Today, Dr. Keller is well-respected as an expert in Influence Mastery, inspired by the work of Zig Ziglar and Dale Carnegie, she continues to coach clients either individually or in groups, guiding them through the intricacies of building a strong “influence presence” to become successful in business, and happier in life.

Andrew McCauley – The Explosion of Images

2014-Andrew-McCauley-AYB…and how they are dominating Business.

Images are now a MUST in all your online posts. Social Media has the power to move us… when we’re inspired to do so.

If you’re not engaging your followers in what you’re posting… why are you doing it? Adding images to your posts makes your social media efforts so much more engaging… and thus so much more worth your time!

[success]Read Andrew’s blog post on important things to keep in mind when creating images… even if you’re not an artist![/success]

Images can be daunting – and time consuming – for sure… but as the saying goes – you get what you give… so a little effort towards well-thought-out images can have BIG rewards.

In this webinar, we will look at:

  • The why and how images are dominating the digital space.
  • Tools that help you getting your biz up and running with images.
  • What makes a “good” image and how to select or create them

GET IT NOW - buy a copy of this webinar for your personal reference - $17

More about Andrew:

As a kid in the 70s, my fascination with computers and technology began with the very first electronic tic tac toe machine in Australia…in my own house.. I wrote my first computer program when I was 9. Out of school I joined the hospitality industry.17 years later, I left with a keen interest and deep understanding of marketing which led me to social media for business. 

2006, I started my own business consulting company. Later, I managed the seminar staff for 3 very large personal Development Companies across 8 countries over 5 years. Getting first hand experience in multiple marketing methods of the worlds brightest companies. 2011, I also became a trainer and Director of Coaching for T Harv Ekers’ Ultimate Internet Bootcamp. 

I travel the world, teaching Business owners from all walks of life how to implement and use Social Media and Online Marketing for their own companies.



photo credit: daniel_iversen via photopin cc

Patricia Wall – 5 Effective Tips for Enticing Engagement

5 Effective Tips for Enticing Engagement with Relationship Expert Patricia Wall

How do you entice engagement when your social followers are inundated with streams of clever quotes, pretty posters and cute kittens?  

You have seconds to grab their attention so they’ll pause the scroll of puppies and clichés and actually respond to your post.

Likes and Pluses are great! Do you want more engagement? Do you want shares that expand your reach and comments that spark curiosity?

Getting your audience chatting on social media is like being in the cluster of people at the cocktail party that are having a great time – people want in! Relationship expert Patricia Wall says popularity is a skill you can learn. Join Patricia Wall for relationship tips to entice engagement that builds your tribe.  

During this webinar you will discover:

  • Language tricks to attract your niche market
  • Techniques for giving your readers that important feeling of success so they’ll want to engage
  • How to use pacing to entice engagement
  • How to craft your posts to target your niche and get your audience talking
  • Keep your followers feeling good by avoiding tricky negative triggers

HINT: Build your tribe with mindful engagement

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Greg Writer – Facebook Marketing Revolution

Writer-high-rezFacebook advanced marketing secrets revealed by “The Entrepreneurs Best Friend” Angel Investors Network CEO Greg Writer

ATTENTION: ALL Webinar Attendee’s Receive Special Gift

Do YOU want to start 2014 off with a much larger income?

Does the term “FaceBook Marketing Revolution” peak your interest?

It should….here’s why!

The definition of the word “REVOLUTION” is…

–>> A sudden, radical, or complete change

–>> Activity or movement designed to effect fundamental changes in a socioeconomic situation

–>> A fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something : a change of paradigm

That’s what the FaceBook Marketing Revolution is all about and WHY it’s the hottest marketing strategy online right now!  Continue reading