Elaine Lindsay – Get on Page 1 in Google Search with G+

Elaine-Lindsay-speaker-Kinda-Bionic_PollyAnna-692sqIf you aren’t on page one your competition is taking your money!

Search Is Critical so Your Clients Can Find You… With Google+ you can even get more lines and get your Gravatar in the SERPs!

How do you build your online credibility as an expert?

Elaine explains how you can optimize your Google+ personal profile business page and show you how to secure authorship for your site or blog, and add compelling content to build your social proof. Using these tips and posts on Google+, you get found higher in search which can increase your traffic to get you more clients.

Social media is about connection: help people find you and know, like and trust you. Being found in search is a key part of your online strategies. Authorship is key to establishing your validity online. Your quality content and online consistency will help in search as you develop your credibility. Elaine explains the facts and the myths about authorship.

Consistency in all your data assures you are leaving no “optimization juice” on the table. Google+ helps you rise higher in search results so you can be found ahead of your competitors.

When you tie in authorship with your Google plus account and your website or blog, you can get your Gravatar and get more lines in the SERPs when you provide quality content. A well optimized Google plus about tab should be your starting point for all your social interactions.

Did you know Search is now semantic?

Semantic means that search engines look at your content, and your social proof NOT just your search engine optimization. By building your social proof with posts on Google+, you get your results higher in search which can increase your traffic to get you more clients.

If you’re going to use social media you NEED to use Google+

Make sure You optimize all your Google+ connections for search and social because:

  • Google+ impacts your SEO
  • Google+ builds your credibility through Authorship
  • Google+ contributes to your Social Proof

With Google+ you can even get more lines and get your Gravatar in the SERPs!

Harness the Power of Google+ to Help You Make More Money.

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Gloria Rand – Blog Like a Winner

Gloria Rand headshot 2013Learn the secret to Google domination and how you can connect with your ideal clients and turn them into raving followers and customers.

What’s the secret to Google domination? Blogging! Companies, large and small, B2B and B2C, are reaching more prospects online with targeted, unique content.

Not only can you reach a wider audience with a blog, you can hone in your ideal client by writing articles tailored specifically for them. And Google will love your website for it, because you’ll be adding high quality content on a regular basis.

Blogging allows small business owners to build their brand and become a recognized expert in their field. Plus, B2B marketers who blog generate 67% more leads per month than those companies who don’t blog, according to FactBrowser.

[success]Read Gloria’s blog post at Social Buzz Club – “5 Blogging Tips to Help You Connect with Your Ideal Client“[/success]

If you’re ready to jumpstart your online presence with a blog, Internet Marketing Expert Gloria Rand will reveal:

  • Why a blog should be the cornerstone of your social media marketing efforts
  • The key questions you need to answer to make your blog a successful lead generating tool
  • Exact steps you need to take to ensure your readers can find your articles online
  • How to write content that engages your audience, and motivates them to buy from you

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Lori Gama – R.I.P. SEO: Social Search Optimization is the New Normal

lori-gamaLearn about which Social Signals (like smoke signals) you must have so that you can attract your tribe

The Google “dance” changes frequently and can be a bit frustrating to learn the new “dance steps.”

This webinar will give you the most important search strategy and tips to implement starting NOW.

What you’ll learn from Lori:

  • Some “old” SEO is still useful – here’s what you need to keep doing
  • Google+ Profile Optimization Tips
  • Google Authorship – The “Why”
  • Google Authorship – The “How” (Basic steps)
  • YouTube Search Optimization – Get your video thumbnail in search results

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Karen Clark – Going Local Online

Karen Clark - Local Online MarketingMining for Gold in Your Own Backyard

Google has found that 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Can they find you?

Using online tools to market yourself is important for any business, but if you want to focus on building a local network, increasing your appointments, or inviting people to local events, there are steps that need to be taken to optimize your presence for local search.

In this presentation you will learn how the Internet is making the world smaller and smaller every day and how you can maximize your online activities to find and connect with local customers and prospects right in your own backyard.

  • The quickest and simplest way to be consistently found in local searches online
  • How to set up your social media profiles to attract people in your own area
  • Powerful online tools that open more local doorways into your business

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Renae Christine – 2013 SEO Blueprint

Renae Christine - SEO Blueprint for 2013Transform your SEO Strategy

With several Google algorithm changes, even the savviest of SEO experts are reeling.

Unless you’re constantly studying the recent Search Engine Optimization changes, it feels impossible to keep up with Google and your business at the same time.

What you’ll learn with Renae:

  • The history of Seach Engine Optimization and why some tactics no longer work
  • Which SEO methods are still tried and true
  • How making these SEO mistakes can ruin your Website
  • What SEM is and how it can help or hurt your SEO efforts
  • Where to find more SEO tools

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