Martin Shervington – How to use Google+ for Social SEO

shervingtonJust about everything you’ll need to know about the advantages and secrets of Google+

Want to learn how the community on Google+ will ‘give you Search results’? This covers how social SEO will enable your content to be amplified and surface in Search for the right people at the right time.

You know Google+ is Google, right? I don’t mean that it is owned by Google, I mean that IT IS GOOGLE. It is the new Google, the future Google, the Google of the future. Ok, you’ve got the picture.

When it comes to Search though, people are still getting used to the idea that Google+ is more than just a platform. All content is indexed by Google and can appear in Search. When you learn how to build a community around you that love what you do, they will ‘give you Search results’; and this presentation will show you how.

  • How to build opt in circles
  • How to create a movement
  • How people can repackage and reamplify content
  • Seeing this is a marathon not a sprint
  • How trust leads to reputation, and in turn will make you an authority!

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More about Martin:

Martin is a consultant, speaker, trainer and coach on all things Google+. As the community manager for both Plus Your Life and Plus Your Business! his role is to support individuals and new businesses to use Google+.

Lori Gama – R.I.P. SEO: Social Search Optimization is the New Normal

lori-gamaLearn about which Social Signals (like smoke signals) you must have so that you can attract your tribe

The Google “dance” changes frequently and can be a bit frustrating to learn the new “dance steps.”

This webinar will give you the most important search strategy and tips to implement starting NOW.

What you’ll learn from Lori:

  • Some “old” SEO is still useful – here’s what you need to keep doing
  • Google+ Profile Optimization Tips
  • Google Authorship – The “Why”
  • Google Authorship – The “How” (Basic steps)
  • YouTube Search Optimization – Get your video thumbnail in search results

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Karen Clark – Going Local Online

Karen Clark - Local Online MarketingMining for Gold in Your Own Backyard

Google has found that 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Can they find you?

Using online tools to market yourself is important for any business, but if you want to focus on building a local network, increasing your appointments, or inviting people to local events, there are steps that need to be taken to optimize your presence for local search.

In this presentation you will learn how the Internet is making the world smaller and smaller every day and how you can maximize your online activities to find and connect with local customers and prospects right in your own backyard.

  • The quickest and simplest way to be consistently found in local searches online
  • How to set up your social media profiles to attract people in your own area
  • Powerful online tools that open more local doorways into your business

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Laura Rubinstein – Pinterest For Business

Pictures do more than paint a thousand words… they generate traffic, too!

Is it time for your social media sites to start driving more traffic to your website?

Pinterest accounts for more referred traffic than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.

There are good reasons for it’s explosive growth, and businesses who are getting on board now are reaping the benefits. During this webinar, Laura Rubinstein will reveal how to use Pinterest as a business building and branding tool that gets your website more traffic, leads, and paying customers.

During this webinar you will discover:

  • Why Pin and Who’s Pinning
  • Pinterest Strategies for Business
  • #1 Type of Image that gets more traffic
  • Resources to take your social media for your business to the next level

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Elaine Lindsay – 7 Savvy Tips for Mining Google Plus Gold!

Elaine Lindsay is Passionate about Social Business training, social media strategies and the integration with SEO. 

Elaine Lindsay - Social Media Maven & Google+ Evangelist

Elaine Lindsay - Social Media Maven & Google+ Evangelist

Tailoring clients’ social media efforts to yield the most exposure and optimization through engagement to build the client presence online to raise their bottom line is what get her jazzed… and she wants to share that bug with you.

A certified social media & relationship marketing professional–who mentored with Mari Smith– and a Google+ Savant & Evangelist, her clients call her ‘The Social Media Maven’.

In this exclusive Social Buzz U webinar, Elaine will share three important strategies:

How to:

  • Maximize your Google+ profile – to build your company page
  • Manage your  Google+  circles
  • Extend your Google+ reach across the web 

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A little more about Elaine:

I specialize in Google+, Social Business & Relationship Marketing Strategies, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Online or offline NOW – Social Business the new paradigm.

I design and deliver intuitive business solutions  

I love to Inspire others to excellence through training and Public Speaking. I provide effective tools to harmonize your branding, your message and your online presence, through the use of  great tips, tweaks, social media strategies, and Social Media Marketing.

I have a unique sense of humour, well developed intuition, and still play ‘The Glad Game*’ daily. I am the ‘Eternal PollyAnna’  

Featured expert in the upcoming book “Solving the Social Media Puzzle” – by Kathryn Rose.