Andrea Vahl – Building Community with Facebook

andrea-vahlHow to Use Facebook to Get Leads for Your Business

Facebook can be an extraordinary tool for growing your business… if you know how to use it right!

There are lots of rules, and equally as many available tools to help you navigate the rules accurately and effectively to take advantage of the massive marketing power within facebook.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The right way to market on Facebook
  • How to capture leads on Facebook
  • How to turn your Fans into Super Fans

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Build Your Powerful Tribe with Social Buzz Club

Gina - Red - webAre you a passionate person who wants to build a powerful tribe of raving fans?

Did you know that the Social Buzz Club is a powerful platform for that?

Each month we show you how to use the Social Buzz Club to expand your influence, enhance your online reputation, and increase your traffic.

This webinar is perfect for those who are thinking about joining and those who want to get more out of their membership.

Gina Carr, the Dean of the Social Buzz University, will help you discover:

  • Power User tips for Social Buzz Club influencers
  • Secrets to Getting Buzzed More
  • How to Increase Your Klout Score
  • How to get FREE Buzz for your favorite Charity
  • What to do when you aren’t getting enough BUZZ
  • The Mystery of the Disappearing Links

Are you ready to become known as serious tribe builder?

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Laura Rubinstein – How To Thrive with Your Tribe

Build your tribe and thrive

SBC_Red_LargeINFLUENCERAmplify Your Influence with Social Buzz Club

Each month we bring you tribe building tips using Social Buzz Club and the influencer wisdom we have. Have you joined the Social Buzz Club? Would you like to know how to maximize your online traffic? Are you ready to become known as a top influencer?  Get your questions answered. Network with fellow Buzz Club members and thrive with your tribe.

Join us for this enriching webinar where you will discover:

  • Power User tips for Social Buzz Club influencers
  • The premium advantage to building buzz faster and increasing your Klout score
  • How to get a free premium account
  • If you really want to get Stumbled, do it this way
  • Troubleshooting common issues including:  Why videos and Facebook links, Amazon links don’t appear in SBC and what to do about it

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Beverly Lewis – Say This, Not That: Essentials of Social Media Manners

Thursday, March 28 2013

Beverly_LEWISBuild Fame, Not Shame with Social Grace & Savvy

Social Media has become a vital communication tool but virtually eliminates non-verbal communication cues, making it essential to know the expectations and protocol within the varied channels.

With Beverly, you’ll learn:

  • Social media channels are like real-life venues:  Practical tips for putting your best self forward.
  • Top 3 reasons why people unfriend, unfollow or tune out and how to stop your losses.
  • Get into the rhythm of social media without crushing toes with 3 simple steps.
  • Socially speaking, you can’t be in all places at all times with all people. How to choose wisely and diplomatically.
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Solving the Social Media Puzzle

Thursday, November 8, 2012 – 11am PST

Kathryn Rose & Apryl Parcher – 7 simple steps to planning a social media marketing strategy for your business

Planless = Penniless: The Key to Success with Social Media is in the Planning

Feeling overwhelmed with all the different social media platforms and tools? Does your blood pressure rise every time Facebook changes its design or a new “hot” network is formed?

You’re not alone.

In this don’t-miss session, Kathryn Rose and Apryl Parcher will show you how to take the pressure off and make social media fun and profitable by using a simple planning strategy.

Attendees will discover:

  • The 7 steps you MUST take to plan a winning strategy
  • The top reasons why businesses don’t use social media and how you can use them to your advantage 
  • Practical tips for using top social networks to reach your target audience
  • Time saving tips and tricks

Buy this webinar! only $17

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