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d--comanLive Streaming as a Marketing Strategy

How You Can Learn to Leverage Live Stream Platforms as Both a Viewer and Broadcaster.

Deb Coman of Deb Coman Writing, Editing and Coaching shares how to:

  • Use Live Streaming Strategy to Gain Visibility, Clients and Business
  • Create Connections that Lead to Referral Sources, Collaborations and Clients
  • Have an Impact as both a Viewer and Broadcaster
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Read Deb’s article on Social Buzz Club –>5 Periscope Keys to Your Business Success

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About Deb:

Deb Coman is a Communication Strategist, Speaker, Writer and Editor helping entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and energy healers get a more polished, professional message out into the world so they Get Clear, Get Noticed and Get Paid! Using a strategy based on content- and relationship-marketing, Deb teaches how to communicate through writing and live streaming to engage and convert targeted audiences to clients, collaborators and referral sources…all while feeling comfortable, confident and having some fun online!

Tar’Lese Rideaux – How To Leverage Instagram For Insta-Influence

rideauxPowerful secrets to getting massive free traffic and incredible engagement on Instagram

Learn how to leverage the power of Instagram from a few simple techniques.

In this ground-breaking training, I’ll take you directly into my world on Instagram. Using a cool, new technology you will be able to watch me live on Instagram. You’ll see the actual, LIVE screen on my phone while I show you exact, step-by-step tricks to leverage Instagram like you never thought possible.

I’ll show you how to get thousands of followers and turn them into a raving fan club. I’ll show you the exact tactics and apps I use to create extremely inspiring images that get crazy engagement.

The world really is turning into a visual marketing world.

Instagram does that well and nails it socially, too. From my years of experience, it really is the world’s greatest selling tool.

The “over the shoulder” feel of watching me live on Instagram is something you won’t forget. But a big part of what I teach is also what NOT to do on Instagram. That part alone will save you months of pain and work.

[success]Read Tar’Lese’s blog post on Social Buzz Club – 8 Proven Strategies to Grow Your Followers and Reach On Instagram – for immediate insights![/success]

Using Instagram, I generate massive amounts of free traffic to my sites and products on a daily basis. You really can turn your Instagram account into your own money-pumping machine. I do it myself and I have dozens of students that are getting huge success as well.

On this live webinar, I’ll train you too. Don’t miss out on these IMPORTANT tips:

  • GET NOTICED: 3 sneaky tricks to make your profile stand out from the crowd
  • The 4 things you MUST do to target your audience (without these you WILL fail miserably)
  • What those silly little hashtags REALLY do and why everyone is doing it WRONG!
  • APP Nation: The 3 apps I use to turn Instagram into a money machine
  • How to game your competition and turn their followers into YOUR raving fans

GET IT NOW - buy a copy of this webinar for your personal reference - $17

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Debbie Horovitch – Facebook Advertising Jumpstart 2014

debbie social imageWhy NOW Is The Time To Take Advantage Of the Facebook Advertising Platform

Facebook is arguably the most influential media channel in the world, and now its advertising inventory is available to everyone. But there are a lot of misperceptions about paid Facebook advertising that keep people from trying it, and learning from experience what benefits their business can experience. 

Misperceptions around Facebook’s paid advertising options:

  • “It costs too much to make an impact”: small businesses can’t afford it so they shouldn’t bother
  • “I don’t need to BUY LIKES”: when you buy page Likes they’re of little value
  • “My community manager is awesome!”: the page is growing so don’t fix it if it’s not broken!

It’s true if you have $7500+ per month to spend on advertising you can get a professional Facebook Account Manager to set up and manage your ad campaigns, but it’s hard to imagine they’re not paying for the account manager’s salary from higher cost campaigns!

In this Google+ Hangouts on Air webinar we’ll debunk these common misperceptions and show you some examples of how businesses are generating daily leads and sales, almost on autopilot, using Facebook advertising.

[success]Read Debbie’s blog post about how to use Facebook’s Ad Manager for Market Research… free! Read it on Social Buzz Club here.[/success]

If you want to learn about how you can get 100,000 new Page Likes for $5,000 in 24 hours, you’ll want to catch this webinar!

Live Q&A and assessments of your Facebook Ad Campaign experiences will available for you to participate, on the Google+ event page.

  • The value of Facebook’s Ad Manager as a free market resource tool
  • How to target tiny niche groups of potential customers for great results
  • How a daily budget of even $5/day can make a massive difference in your social media results

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Sierra Modro – Rethink your Mobile Mindset and grow your business

UNLAWFUL TO COPY DISTRIBUTE OR DISPLAY WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENTIncrease Your Profits & Productivity through Effective Mobile Technology Use

Sierra Modro is a TechnoTherapist who works with organizations that want to get excited about technology, change, and mobile productivity. When you need to upgrade your mindset, Sierra can help.

Mobile technology is changing the way we do business. You have the opportunity to harness that power. Increase both your profitability and your productivity through effective mobile technology use.

Have your technology investments paid off? Or are you still confused about when, where, and how to use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop? You have the power to be just as effective away from your desk as you are sitting in your office. But only if you adopt a Mobile Mindset. You need to think like a geek.

Come listen to your personal TechnoTherapist, Sierra Modro, and finally understand what you should be doing with all of the tech in your life. Technology should make your life simpler. Sierra will show you how.

In this week’s free live webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why mobile is the fastest growing tech area
  • How to change your mobile mindset and improve your overall productivity
  • Practical tips for mobile productivity
  • Ways to leverage mobile technology to increase profitability

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Kimberly Reynolds – Navigating the Mobile Revolution

kimpro20060% of all social media users access their social networks via mobile phones.

Kimberly Reynolds will cut to the chase and be your guide to making the most of your social media connections using mobile optimization. She will reveal easy steps to bring your website into the mobile age with minimal investment.

If your websites aren’t mobile friendly, you’re losing traffic, and simply throwing money away. It’s time to get your site mobile marketing friendly and Kimberly will help get there.

During this program, you will discover:

  • Why you must make your sites available for mobile consumption
  • What not to do with your mobile marketing
  • How a mobile first mentality will pay you dividends
  • Simple ways to make your current site mobile friendly
  • What is responsive design and easy tips to optimize your mobile presence

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