Yakov Savitskiy – Disrupting LinkedIn

A New Way Of Using LinkedIn To Generate Leads, Receive Referrals, And Attract High End Clients

In this exclusive training, Nationally Recognized LinkedIn Expert and Author Yakov Savitskiy will show you a new way of using LinkedIn for generating leads, receiving referrals, and attracting high-end clients.

Did you know that the average LinkedIn user earns over $115,000 in household income?

While many of your competitors are still trying to figure out how to market on Facebook, you can gain a clear advantage by learning a new way of marketing on one of the most opportunity rich platforms on the planet: LinkedIn.

That’s because LinkedIn is filled with C-Level Executives, Key Influencers, Decision Makers and other professionals with whom you’d like to be doing business.

In this very unique training, you’ll learn:

  • Why there has never been a better time for you to start marketing on LinkedIn along with action steps you can start applying right away
  • Three major myths about using LinkedIn which are probably still holding you back from generating new business

  • The exact  LinkedIn marketing systems Yakov personally uses and the exact systems clients have paid tens of thousands of dollars to learn

  • And much more!

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More about Yakov:

Yakov Savitskiy is a Nationally Recognized LinkedIn Expert and Author of Disrupting LinkedIn: The Definitive Guide to Generating Leads, Receiving Referrals, and Attracting High-End Clients Through Marketing On LinkedIn. Having consulted clients across the nation including CEOs, best-selling authors, and leaders of seven- to nine-figure sales organizations, Yakov has helped thousands of people discover a new way of using LinkedIn to find more leads, get more referrals, and attract more of their ideal clients.  Yakov is a resident of Las Vegas and believes that freedom and financial independence lead to fulfillment. 

Tina Dietz – Marketing For People Who Don’t Like To Market

…But Like The Sound Of Their Voice

dietzDo you love working with your clients but you don’t want to endlessly push and promote people into buying your stuff?

International business expert and bestselling author Tina Dietz MS, NCC is going to join us from her home in Costa Rica to show you how to use your authentic voice (even if you’re an introvert) to effectively get your message out, build your tribe, and bring clients and customers to your door while keeping your sanity.

This is a one hour master class-be prepared to take notes and get ready to get your questions answered!

You’ve got expertise, you’re great at what you do, you love serving your clients, and YOU. DON’T. ENJOY. MARKETING. Maybe you’re uncomfortable with “selling yourself” (which definitely doesn’t sound fun anyway), maybe you’re not sure where to start, or perhaps you’re juggling a gazillion different things and you’re too damn busy.

Tina will show you how all the marketing content you could ever need to effectively get your message out, build your tribe, and bring clients and customers to your door is within you. **and how to get it out of your head where it’s going to do some good, pleaseandthankyou

You’ll learn how to create everything you need without spending tons of time and wracking your brain-social media posts, articles, newsletters, teleclasses, webinars-even information products for additional streams of income.

We’re also going to demystify the world of outsourcing and make it easier for you to take steps so that you don’t have to go it alone or break the bank.

This is NOT about ‘magic bullets’ or ‘formulas’ or ‘secrets.’ This is solid business training that you’re actually going to be able to implement regardless of what industry you’re in.

Oh, and this isn’t about using other people’s content either because nobody is you-er than YOU and that’s a good thing!

This session is especially useful if you’re a solo entrepreneur or partnership and you don’t love marketing and want to grow your business in the most authentic, effective, and fastest way possible.

Tea and chocolate consumption while taking notes during this class is optional, but encouraged.

GET IT NOW - buy a copy of this webinar for your personal reference - $17

More about Tina:

Tina Dietz MS, NCC is an internationally acclaimed business coach, bestselling author and speaker who helps solo practitioners build full, thriving businesses with a lot less stress and a lot more joy! Tina is a 4th generation entrepreneur and therapist well familiar with the challenges of raising a family and juggling multiple priorities while growing a business, and prior to starting her coaching practice in 2006 she was a college educator and director of business development. Tina has been featured on ABC, in national magazines such as Massage & Bodywork, and around the radio dial. Tina and her family live internationally and they are currently based in Costa Rica, Florida, and New York. For more on Tina’s work, visit http://www.thisistinadietz.com

Steve Olsher – How To Get Others To Build Your Business For You

olsherLearn to master and leverage the art of Joint Ventures, Affiliates & Alliances

Brendon Burchard, Mike Filsaime, Joel Comm and others WANT to build, and promote, your business for you. Interested? Join us for a FREE webinar on 5/15 at 1pm CST to learn how to make this happen.

Do you know what the single fastest, most cost-effective way is to gain massive exposure, increase authority, build your list and grow your business?

The answer… Partnerships.

On May 15, at 1pm CST, New York Times bestselling author Steve Olsher will join The Social Buzz Club to share his proven strategies for mastering and leveraging the art of Joint Ventures, Affiliates, and Alliances.

In less than three years, Steve has cultivated a database of more than 100,000 subscribers, consistently generates more than 1.5M unique visitors per month to one of his web properties, dominates affiliate launches, is invited to keynote internationally, appears consistently on national media, and has quickly become known as America’s Reinvention Expert. He attributes his success to the power of partnerships and will teach you exactly how he does it so you can too.

Join us. This presentation will absolutely change the trajectory of your business.

  • Learn how to allow the world’s top marketers and corporations to build your business for you.
  • Gain massive exposure without spending any money to do so.
  • Establish yourself as the go-to authority in your niche.
  • Build your list fast, increase site traffic and monetize your expertise, products and services.
  • No learning curve required. Once you know what to do and how to do it, you can get in the game immediately.

GET IT NOW - buy a copy of this webinar for your personal reference - $17

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