Frank Aziz – Generate Qualified Leads Using Linkedin

frankazizLearn how to generate 100s of leads a week using Linkedin marketing.

Have you tried social media for generating leads but had no success? Are you tired of using every method in the book to grow your business but not getting results?

Here are the 5 things you’ll learn on this free webinar:

1) How best to optimize your profile.
2) How to get people scheduling appointments with you.
3) How to generate leads using an email campaign
4) How to get a massive amount of attention.
5) How to start using groups to get attention.

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More about Frank:

Frank Started a company 5 years ago in the credit card processing industry. He started selling websites to supplement his income and, eventually, a strong focus on ROI became the backbone of his company after offering Linkedin services. Linkedin is the best way to create a consistent lead flow that helps you create money and extra time for you and your family. Frank is happy to help people grow their businesses, it is his passion.

Wendy McClelland – Profit From the Power of LinkedIn

mcclellandLinkedIn is THE social media platform to use if you target professionals, business owners or organizations.

This webinar will show you how to connect with your ideal clients, what to say, how to get recommendations and referrals – all in an easy to follow system that takes only 30 minutes a day.

Ever wonder about the value of using LinkedIn to grow your business? On February 23, 2014 I started a five day “LinkedIn Experiment” and each day for five days I did one or two things that would grow my influence on this social network.

I expected to have some results, but I was pretty SHOCKED at what actually happened.

  • My connections went up over 13%,
  • My recommendations went up 600%.
  • My endorsements went up nearly 18%.
  • My profile views in the previous 3 days went up 1,366%
  • and my profile showed up in the search in the previous days went up a WHOPPING 2,150%!!

I also set up three phone calls to discuss joint ventures, am developing a webinar for a group of authors, have two people who have passed my training information along to their HR departments and I have one new signed client for long term marketing consulting!

Let me share my tactics with you! I’ll tell you EVERYTHING I did to get these results and even give you a template for making your initial connections.

I’m really excited about what I was able to do in a short five days and am excited to keep using LinkedIn to grow my connections with my ideal clients.

Join me for this great webinar and learn how you can achieve great results on LinkedIn!

  • Better Understanding of LinkedIn Basics
  • How to Make the “Right” Connections on LI
  • What to do AFTER You’ve Connected
  • LinkedIn Groups – How to Use Them
  • Long Term LinkedIn Success Strategy

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Cory & Ira – Automated LinkedIn Lead Strategy

Cory Michael Sanchez

Cory Michael Sanchez


Ira Rosen

Ira Rosen

Produce 10-20 Fresh Targeted Leads to Your Business Everyday… with zero effort.

Cory & Ira have grown their local marketing business to produce a 7 figure income and won the Marketer of the Year Award through the Phoenix Business Journal. They also won Best Video Product of 2012 from Icon Media! These guys know what they’re talking about and they’d love to share with you!

At Mojo Marketing they’ve developed an easy to use system that can find, qualify and produce RED HOT LEADS to your business every day!  All from a single source of affluent business owners,entrepreneurs and professionals.

What you’ll learn from Ira & Cory:

  •  How to gain access to the 200 million affluent entrepreneurs, business owners and high-level decision makers on LinkedIn and get their attention 
  • How to use LinkedIn to sneak your message past the gatekeepers and instantly find out if your target is a qualified prospect for your product or service. 
  • A push button easy technique for getting your LinkedIn business profile in-front of the professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for your product or service… 

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Rick Itzkowich – Why LinkedIn is a Waste of Time

rickitzkowich-002…Unless you’re among the 3% of users that really know how to use it!

You’ll learn the 7 steps you need to monetize LinkedIn and why LinkedIn is more similar to a Chamber of Commerce than Facebook.

You’ll learn a combination of strategies and tactics that will have you looking at LinkedIn in a brand new way. And lastly how to create a synergy between online and offline networking activities.

Specific things you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • The Three LinkedIn Critical Success Factors.
  • The Two Currencies you need to accumulate.
  • How to think like a Spider vs. a Cheetah
  • How to monetize LinkedIn spending no more than 10-15 minutes per day.

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Melonie Dodaro – 3 Quick And Little-Known Secrets For Harnessing The Power Of LinkedIn

dodaroDiscover How To Turn Your Linkedin Profile Into A Lead Generation Machine!

Do you realize that what you don’t know about LinkedIn could be costing you sales?  “The jury is no longer out” on the common belief that to effectively use social media you need to invest hours of time and be consistent!

However, the biggest (and easiest) secret for standing out is using the LinkedIn network effectively. You need a proven strategy on LinkedIn to avoid wasting your time.

Melonie Dodaro is the LinkedIn expert who offers you foolproof ways to generate demand for your product or services and agreed to reveal her ABC formula for developing your personal LinkedIn strategy to Social Buzz U attendees. Melonie uncovers THREE (100% legal) strategies you can start using IMMEDIATELY to write your LinkedIn profile and “attract” a steady stream of new clients, who actually WANT your services, and view you as an expert! She will show you how to put your lead generation marketing on “auto-pilot” using LinkedIn. .

During this webinar, Melonie will show you:

  • How to choose the right keywords and ensure you show up at the top of the search results (Hint: there’s more to it than a simple Google search!)
  • What you must do to ensure that your profile attracts and engages your ideal client – it’s probably the exact opposite of what you are currently doing
  • How to easily set yourself apart and really stand out on Linkedin using our “secret sauce” that every professional needs

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