Donna Gilliland – Marketing Your Business via Blab – The How and The Why

January 14, 2015 at 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern

donnagillilandBlab 101 Marketing

Marketers are blabbing about Have you heard? In short, it’s an easy-to-use live streaming conference app that is currently tightly integrated with Twitter. That’s a definite visibility bonus. Once you learn how to use Blab, which you will in this Webinar, you can begin using it strategically (Donna will help you learn how.) to grow your audience. It can also be used as a means to generate multiple sources of content to reach your audience in a number of places. What could Blab be for you? It could be a talk show, a Podcast, a Blog, a YouTube video or all of the above. So, let’s get Blabbing about Blab on January 14, 2016.

During this training you will discover:

  • The world of Blab (overview)
  • How businesses are using Blab
  • Blab marketing case study
  • Blab features that can help grow your community
  • Basics of setting up a Blab
  • Best practices for conducting a Blab
  • How to find and participate in Blabs

Learn how to use Blab, an easy-to-use live streaming platform to increase engagement and visibility.

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More About Donna Gililland

Donna Gilliland is a professional speaker and educator. She is the Founder and President of MOSTraining, Inc, where she provides workforce development training and consulting in Mobile and Office technologies and Social Media Marketing. Donna is an award-winning instructor in her field. She is a contributing technology writer for OfficePro Magazine, an IAAP publication and for Executive Secretary Magazine. When Donna isn’t teaching and writing, she’s out capturing photos of sunsets and landscapes.

Gina Carr – How To Get Great Online Reviews

January 28, 2016 at 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern

gina carr

Online Reviews -Love ’em, Hate ’em, Manage ’em

Discover How to Get More Great Reviews and Fewer Bad Ones

Are online reviews important for your business? Are you wondering how you can get more of the good reviews, and fewer bad ones?

Today, the best way to get new customers is to get existing happy customers to say nice things about you and your business. But, how do you do that?

In this powerpacked session, we will cover:

  • What you should do if you get a bad review
  • How to make it easy for your happy customers to share positive review
  • The best way to ask customers for reviews

Join us and get more great reviews today.

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More About Gina Carr

Gina Carr works with thought leaders to leverage their intellectual property for more profits, influence, and success.  She is an international speaker, author, and marketing strategist.

Gina has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and an engineering degree from Georgia Tech.  She has started several businesses including a real estate firm and a chain of community magazines.

Gina is known as “The Tribe Builder” because she helps passionate people build powerful tribes of raving fans. She is the co-author of the McGraw-Hill book on social media:  Klout Matters: How to Engage Customers, Boost Your Digital Influence and Raise Your Klout Score for Success.

In 2014, Gina was named one of the “Top 50 Over 50” Marketing Thought Leaders by Brand Quarterly Magazine and Who’s Who Among Women in Ecommerce by WE Magazine for Women.

Gina is well known for her advocacy work on behalf of homeless pets.

Ellen Rogin – Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality

RoginWhat if dealing with your money, your investments, and your financial future was as easy and natural as breathing?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to always make financial decisions calmly and confidently? And, what if you could actually have fun in the process?

In Ellen Rogin’s webinar, Make Prosperity a Habit: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality, you’ll learn to look at your money through a new lens that makes managing your money easier and can bring you better results. Get ready to feel more excited than ever about receptivity, your money, and your life.

As both a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Financial Planner for more than twenty years, Ellen Rogin certainly understands money.

More importantly, as a student of prosperity and of human nature, she understands how much the mind and emotions work together in order to create our personal stories around money. Many of these “stories” don’t serve us. Those that do are what she teaches in order to help her students attract prosperity into their lives. No, not through magical, wishful thinking but through a combination of the correct mindset and proven action steps.

You won’t be learning about the basics of financial planning during this webinar. Of course, that’s very important and — in her new book, Picture Your Prosperity — she covers that over several chapters.

Quick preview:

No, this goes much deeper. In this webinar you’ll learn all about the mind game, the feelings and emotions involved that can move you from “Scare-City” into the Prosperity Zone.

As Ellen says, “Your money is important, but it’s meaningless if it can’t be connected to the rest of your life. Who cares what the totals on your balance sheet or in your bank account are if you can’t use them to build the kind of future you want?”

Get ready to feel more excited than ever about receptivity, your money, your life, and all the good things that you can receive.

You will learn:
• How to define your personal version of true prosperity
• How to use deliberate imagining as the basis of a sound financial strategy
• How to create your Prosperity Picture
• Why “magical thinking” has absolutely nothing to do with this
• How Big-Bird can tell you a LOT about your financial belief system
• The awesome power of “Cancel/Clear”
• How to Boost your “Financial Happiness” quotient
• The deep connection between money, receptivity and gratitude

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More about Ellen:

Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP® is a financial advisor, author and nationally-known expert on living a life of success and prosperity. She is also founder of the Abundance Activist® movement whose mission it is to help the world think and act more prosperously.
Chock full of “left-brain” credentials (MBA, CPA, and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™), Ellen also walks on the “right” side, balancing values, big picture ideas, meditation and a sense of humor with all her professional training. As a presenter to corporate audiences, organizations and associations, Ellen is as comfortable talking about the power of compound interest as she is the power of belief.
Ellen is co-author of the best-selling book, “Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality.”

Christina Hills – Easily Create a Beautiful Website in WordPress – Even if You Hate Technology….

Thursday December 4, 2014 – 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbFrustrated with not being able to get your website up?

See how you can do it yourself with WordPress and @christinahills

In this live webinar, you will see what kind of websites you can build, quickly and easily with WordPress, without having to always pay someone else to do it AND without having to become a tech-geek!

You’ll learn about the wide variety of different websites that can easily be created with WordPress (and that are NOT just blogs)…

[success]Read Christina’s blog post at Social Buzz Club – Which to choose? or for some help with decisionmaking.[/success]

– Author/Book Websites
– Coaching, Consulting & Speaking Websites
– Mind, Body, Spirit Websites
– Personal Passion Websites
– General Business Presence Websites
– Hybrid Blog + Static Page Websites

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More about Christina:

Christina Hills is the creator of the Website Creation Workshop where she helps non-techie authors, experts, coaches, consultants, and speakers get their message out to the world by showing them how to easily create their own websites in WordPress. Christina is a 10 year online marketing veteran and a former special effects movie animator, with film credits from George Lucas for Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and ET. She is also a wife and mother and lives near the beach with her family in San Diego, California.

Mitchell Levy – Top Five Best Practices in Thought Leadership

Hands-on Practical Approaches to Sharing Your (and others) Thought Leadership

mitchell-levyThere’s so much happening with social media and thought leadership that it’s difficult to keep up. Wouldn’t be it be great if someone not only shared thought leadership best practices, but gave you a technique you can use to implement them?

This is that Webinar!

Mitchell Levy compiled the best practices from the Thought Leadership Best Practices Group on LinkedIn ( and has documented them along with relatively easy techniques to implement them.

He’ll start the webinar with a quick definition of thought leadership and share the Thought Leadership Funnel, the replacement of the traditional sales funnel.

[success]Read Mitchell’s blog post on this very topic – Best Practices in Thought Leadership – at Social Buzz Club.[/success]

The key question he’ll address in his presentation is what can you, or your people, do today to drive thought leadership for yourself and the organization.

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More about Mitchell

Mitchell Levy is the CEO and Thought Leader Architect at THiNKaha and Chief Aha Instigator at the who has created and operated fifteen firms and partnerships since 1997. He and his team make it easy for corporations to easily create compelling content that help turn their experts into recognized thought leaders. Mitchell is an Amazon bestselling author with twenty nine business books, contributor at Entrepreneur Magazine, has provided strategic consulting to over one hundred
companies, has advised over five hundred CEOs on critical business issues through the CEO networking groups he’s run, and has been chairman of the board of a NASDAQ-listed company. Get a free copy of the eBook Mitchell Levy on Creating Thought Leaders at the Aha Amplifier, read about thought leadership best practices on the LinkedIn group, or watch a new thought leader each week on