Social Buzz Club Member Secrets for Driving Traffic

Social Buzz Club Secrets for Getting More Traffic

Kathryn Rose and Laura Rubinstein, Social Buzz Club co-founders

Social Buzz Club co-founders Laura Rubinstein and Kathryn Rose are social media strategists, trainers, authors and speakers whose clients include major brands, international organizations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

They started the Social Buzz Club to help savvy social media users create referral networks and increase sales. Rubinstein and Rose are well known social media strategists, trainers, authors and speakers. Their passion is to help business owners get more visibility, traffic and revenue.

During this webinar, they will reveal:

  • How to use the Social Buzz Club to generate traffic to your website or blog
  • How to get the most out of your membership by creating Buzz Groups
  • Easy ways to earn extra Buzz Points so others can easily share your content


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