Rick Itzkowich – Why LinkedIn is a Waste of Time

rickitzkowich-002…Unless you’re among the 3% of users that really know how to use it!

You’ll learn the 7 steps you need to monetize LinkedIn and why LinkedIn is more similar to a Chamber of Commerce than Facebook.

You’ll learn a combination of strategies and tactics that will have you looking at LinkedIn in a brand new way. And lastly how to create a synergy between online and offline networking activities.

Specific things you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • The Three LinkedIn Critical Success Factors.
  • The Two Currencies you need to accumulate.
  • How to think like a Spider vs. a Cheetah
  • How to monetize LinkedIn spending no more than 10-15 minutes per day.

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More about Rick:

Rick Itzkowich aka Rick I – The LinkedIn Guy! International Speaker, Entrepreneur & Networking Expert Rick Itzkowich (It’s-ko-witch) is a genuine people connector. He understands and practices networking like few others do. As a successful entrepreneur, Rick creates turnkey products, like Link Power, QuoteActions and the new Yikes! business networking workshop series. These unique tools meet today\’s need for tactics to increase your business. His informative and entertaining live presentations, along with workshops, articles, interviews, and podcasts are in high demand. Rick speaks to a diverse group of organizations. He is a regular SCORE workshop presenter. Internationally Rick earned the Best Speaker Award at the “You Learn Twit Face” International social media conference held in Dubai. In addition to the U.S., Rick’s speaking engagements have taken him to Dubai, UK, India and Mexico City. He is a contributing author in GIVE: 16 Giving Strategies to Grow Your Business, Increase Sales and Network More Effectively. Rick frequently serves as a LinkedIn subject-matter expert resource for both online and offline social marketing reporters and bloggers.