Tamara Monosoff – Unleash Your Dream and Take Action Today!

tamara-headshotHave a New Product Idea Percolating in your Mind?

The First Steps to Inventing May be Different than You Think! Find Out the Key Steps that Inventors Often Miss. 

People often say to themselves, “Someday I will do something with my product idea.”

In this webinar, business author and entrepreneur, Dr. Tamara Monosoff, will guide aspiring inventors and product entrepreneurs to take the steps necessary to unleash their dreams. Key to achieving a dream is preparation.

There are five critical steps that most inventors skip when they are preparing to launch their product. Dr. Monosoff will outline those steps and help set entrepreneurs on the “right” track so that they can see their product ideas come to life.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Why the world is waiting for you.
  • Profit:  How to price your product so that there’s enough left over for you!
  • What not to skip when preparing to launch your brilliant idea
  • Competition: Approaches for overcoming competitive challenges.

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More about Tamara:

Dr. Tamara Monosoff, Award-winning inventor and the founder and CEO of TamaraMonosoff.com and MomInvented.com, a nationally distributed consumer products brand. She is the bestselling author of five business books on entrepreneurship, including; The Mom Inventors Handbook and Your Million Dollar Dream. She has appeared on Today, CNN, Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal, Time, People, and Oprah Magazines.