Denise Wakeman – How to Use Hangouts on Air to Grow Your Audience

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Thursday July 31, 2014 – 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

wakeman2014Do you know The Fastest Way To Get Seen, Be Heard, Build Trust And Connect With Your Audience? Find out here.

Google+ Hangouts On Air help you leverage one of the most powerful tools Google as created, live streaming video. Integrated with YouTube, you can stream and record live discussions, interviews, demos and trainings around the world, and it doesn’t cost you a dime! It’s one of the fastest ways to connect and create deep engagement with your audience and grow your business. On this webinar you’ll learn how you can use Hangouts on Air (HOAs) to build your audience and your business.

  • Why Use Google+ for Your Business
  • How Google+ Helps You Create Connection
  • Why HOAs are Better Than TV
  • Tools You Need to Conduct a Hangout
  • 10 Ways to Use HOAs for Your Business

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More about Denise:

Denise Wakeman is an Online Business Strategist, Founder of The Blog Squad and Co-Founder of The Future of Ink. She works with authors and online entrepreneurs to leverage blogs for their business and strategically use social marketing to boost online visibility to get better traffic, leads, customers and opportunities. Denise has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Newsday, FastCompany Online, and many other online and offline publications. Denise is passionate about travel and how it can inspire you to think bigger and go for what’s possible in your business and life.

Greg Writer – “90 Days to $10K” in Monthly Residual Income With Membership Sites

Writer-high-rezDiscover ONE Internet Marketing Secret that Can Deliver $10,000 (or More) in Recurring Income, Month After Month

Would you believe it’s a REAL business that creates “automatic recurring income for you” in a topic you love even if you’re intimidated by technology?

During this live training we will be showcasing our step-by-step formula for creating a passive, 5-figure business in 90 days or less.

We will reveal the following insider strategies:

  • How to run the numbers & set your goals to your monthly income – see how easy it is to achieve success with our calculated “90 days to 10k” blueprint formula.

  • How to find the content to sell & profit from @ no cost to you!  How the pro’s find & sell content they don’t own!

  • How to get customers that will pay you every month for your membership content!  Simple strategies that anyone can implement to get clients, and one “secret strategy” to get all the clients you need with no work on your part!!!

  • How to use the newest technology to setup your membership site, merchant account, shopping cart and course completion tracking with no technology experience at all.  And this can all be done in 24 hours or less once you have your content ready!!  You will be the 1st to see this new technology platform!

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More about Greg:

Mr. Writer is an executive with over 31 years experience in corporate finance, capital formation, executive level management, mergers, acquisitions, software development and sales/marketing.

At the age of 21, he was the youngest owner and operator of a full service investment banking firm in the history of the United States where he was directly involved in over $100 million in financings, dozens of IPO’s and mergers & acquisitions for early stage and start up companies.

He is a nationally known professional speaker/trainer and provides marketing/Internet Marketing and business consulting, specializing in business strategy, marketing, capital engineering and corporate finance.

He is the CEO & Founder Angel Investors Network, which is a syndicate successful entrepreneurs, investment bankers, angel investors, marketing & management experts, lawyers, and accountants who have built successful companies in a diverse set of industries.

They help assist entrepreneurs in the areas of capital formation, raising equity capital, crowdfunding and every facet of business management and marketing to help them acquire what they need to be successful and accomplish their dreams.

He is often referred to as the “Entrepreneurs best Friend”.

Dr. Karen Jacobson – Putting The R. A. P. in Rapport

jacobsonHigh Power Communication Skills - Learn how to turn prospects into life long followers and sales into solutions.

Are you great at meeting new people yet have problems making the sale and closing the deal?

Master the art of High power communication by Putting the R.A.P. in rapport!

Whether it’s sales or a budding romance, proper communication is essential and can make all the difference between closing the deal and a blossoming relationship or walking away empty handed.

Get more information about putting the R. A. P. In  Rapport in Dr. Jacobson’s article on Social Buzz Club. Read it here.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn the different communication styles – VAKS
  • Understand what is being said beyond the spoken word
  • Gain the confidence to respond effectively and communicate clearly in any situation
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More about Dr. Jacobson

Dr. Karen Jacobson invested years studying leadership, human behavior, communication and Law of Attraction following the works of Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor and others. She Received certifications in Coaching, NLP-Neuro-Linguistic Programming, TimeLine Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy from the Tad James Company.

For over 22 years in chiropractic practice, she focused on Mind-body Connection and its effects on health and Human Potential. The experience of healing herself naturally from Systemic Lupus has taught her that there are no limits to what we can create. Our life and our health come from within, and are dictated by our personal blueprint: our perception of the world, mindset, emotions and beliefs.

As a high performance coach, Dr. Karen blends Intuition with Science offering you the Keys to Unlock Your Ultimate Potential and Live an Extraordinary Life!

Mindy Gibbins-Klein: Double Your Income with a Great Book!

gibbins-kleinWriting a book has become more popular and trendy than ever.

However, not all authors understand how to write and use their best book for maximum profit.

In this webinar, international book coach Mindy Gibbins-Klein shares some of the tips and tricks that have helped authors catapult themselves to more success. She shows would be-authors how to maximize their credibility and earning potential and become thought leaders with a great book.


  • The truth about books and the publishing industry
  • How to write a better, more authentic book
  • How to deal with common fears associated with writing and publishing
  • How to save time and have more fun when writing
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More about Mindy:

Mindy Gibbins-Klein is a multi-award-winning international speaker, book coach and thought leadership strategist. Having authored and co-authored seven books and hundreds of articles, Mindy is best known for helping over 500 entrepreneurs and executives to write and publish great books fast and become thought leaders in their industry. Past President of the professional Speaking Association London region, Mindy also coaches business leaders to build their speaking careers.

Patricia Wall – 5 Effective Tips for Enticing Engagement

5 Effective Tips for Enticing Engagement with Relationship Expert Patricia Wall

How do you entice engagement when your social followers are inundated with streams of clever quotes, pretty posters and cute kittens?  

You have seconds to grab their attention so they’ll pause the scroll of puppies and clichés and actually respond to your post.

Likes and Pluses are great! Do you want more engagement? Do you want shares that expand your reach and comments that spark curiosity?

Getting your audience chatting on social media is like being in the cluster of people at the cocktail party that are having a great time – people want in! Relationship expert Patricia Wall says popularity is a skill you can learn. Join Patricia Wall for relationship tips to entice engagement that builds your tribe.  

During this webinar you will discover:

  • Language tricks to attract your niche market
  • Techniques for giving your readers that important feeling of success so they’ll want to engage
  • How to use pacing to entice engagement
  • How to craft your posts to target your niche and get your audience talking
  • Keep your followers feeling good by avoiding tricky negative triggers

HINT: Build your tribe with mindful engagement

Get access to this webinar replay now for only $17 US Buy this excellent webinar
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